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Think you know how to aim? Wait until you see this!

Are you stuck in a rut and just canít seem to improve your game? Have you ever gotten down on a shot, and it just didnít look right? You probably had to give up on trying to aim and shot it anyway, because you didn't know how to lock the shot in. Think about it -- if you have trouble with easier shots, how can you possibly ever expect to make tougher cut shots, and shots that require english?

Many instructors will blame missed shots on your stance or stroke -- but working on those things will have absolutely no effect if you're unable to aim perfect. What you'll learn with Perfect Aim is priceless, and has never been taught by anyone in the world, even though it's based on how the eyes and brain naturally work.

Feel free to browse my website to learn more about Perfect Aim. This system is the answer. Use it and you'll never have to give up on a shot again, because you'll be able to get your eyes in the proper position to see the shot perfect!  


Perfect Aim is now on YouTube!

One of the most rewarding things about teaching Perfect Aim is seeing the reaction people have when they start consistently making shots they've never made before.  I've started bringing my camcorder along to capture those moments.

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Perfect Aim Discussion - by AZers, for AZers

In early 2010, I came up with an idea to help players evaluate the usefulness of Perfect Aim, by distributing 23 free copies of Perfect Aim to good-standing members of the AZBilliards forum who expressed frustration with learning to aim.  Some even indicated they didn't believe a workable aiming system existed.  I asked them to evaluate Perfect Aim, and then post their unbiased review on the forum.  If you're having difficulty locking in the shots, you need to read this:

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