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In early 2010, I provided videos to 23 forum members, and asked them to post their unbiased reviews online on the bulletin board.  See what they had to say about Perfect Aim:  Perfect Aim Review and Discussions, by AZers, for AZers


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I've been doing video reviews posted on YouTube lately, which can be viewed at Before that, I was collecting written reviews, some of which can be viewed below







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Morris Adams
"The shots now are automatic. Most important thing was to get down on the ball correctly, and having the eyes in the right position. I really didn't think that I would learn what was really causing me to miss. I can't wait to hurt somebody. I recommend it to anybody that wants to get better."

John London, Tuscaloosa
"I have to feel I'm lined up on the shot to have a confident stroke. I've been struggling with this for years and just thought I couldn't see good. Tried glasses and other things and it didn't work. Perfect Aim will help anybody. I found my answer. This will work for anyone I think."

James Woodruff, Bessemer
Being able to see the fractional aiming and not having to stay down so low. I can see where it can help anybody, any skill level. I don't know anybody that wouldn't help their game by learning Perfect Aim."

Justin Colley, Opelika
The lesson was great. It speaks for itself. Preshot and having the eyes in the right position was the best part for me. I would recommend the lesson to everyone."

Jeronica Logan, Frisco City
My confidence is already going up in the first 1/2 hour that I'm applying Perfect Aim. I like it and it makes sense. It's working. I recommend this lesson to my girlfriend."





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Heather Torpin - Phoenix, AZ
"This is going to help my game so much. Now I can see the shot instead of guessing my aiming point on the shot. I really can't believe how much simpler it makes the game seem. I would recommend Perfect Aim to anyone that wants to improve their game a lot. I'm fascinated at shots I couldn't shoot before and now they're no problem."

Joe Daguanno - Peoria, Arizona
"I had the cue in the middle. I needed to shift my head a lot. It allowed me to see the shots better and pocket the balls easier. The method I was using was more difficult and sometimes not consistent but I was doing the best I could do. I am a certified BCA instructor and this opened my eyes to a much more efficient way to aim the shots. I would recommend this to everyone, including the highest rated players. Even the pros. Geneís right. I donít think anyone knows this."

Stuckart from forum
"Well, I was able to lock Geno down for a lesson last night after league. He was booked up all day. I was very impressed with the overall system, besides the fact that we were both worn out from long days. The concept is simple, and on some of the Aiming techniques it was super easy for me and others I was in need of an adjustment. Gene did a great job of explaining to me how and why when I was overcutting or undercutting trying to learn the technique. It will take some getting use to, and I plan on practicing a few hours tonight to see where I can progress. Once I got aligned and adjusted correctly I was able to make ridiculously long and tight cuts consistently with center ball. The aiming technique is a little different for each person and something that I know will help me right out the gates is that I'm a slow starter when I get to the table cold at the beginning of a session. Gene explained that when I was arriving at the pool room and got down on the first shot I needed more adjustment than when I was in stroke. Now, I'll be able to take my time and make the simple adjustment right out of the gates. I liked the system so much that I've agreed to do some design work on some images for Gene's system along with adding his website to my banner list on AZPoolScene"  (

Stuckart from forum
"Frank, after taking the class myself, it's so easy to read your issues you were having and completely understand what was wrong with your old way, and how Gene helped you get straightened out. I had some of the same issues with mis-alignment on shots when cutting the ball to the left, but cutting to the right was perfect. The adjustments and knowing when you are not aligned is what really did it for me. I adjusted and could see exactly that I was going to over or undercut it before I pulled the trigger. I missed a bunch right off the bat as I was adjusting, but soon it was no big deal. I think someone asked if this helps with all shots, and it definitely does! After nailing tough cuts it was much easier to see the aiming technique on normal middle of the table shots. And I know people that have issues with long straight shots would extremely benefit from this. I personally never had issues with them, but even with this I knew 100% that I was aligned correctly and never missed 1 ball in about 12 tries on a pro cut 9' diamond."

Justin (justabanger from the forum)
"I had a lesson and got the DVD too. Gene is good at what he does and makes it very simple to understand and apply his system to your game. Just like anything else out there, you still need to practice what he teaches but after a 1 hour lesson I was making shots with ease that I usually dog. I watched the DVD when I got home after the lesson and it was great and it was basically the same thing as the actual lesson only gene was not right next to me telling me what to do. Gene is one of the nicest instructors I have ever had a lesson with and I have had many lessons from pro's and BCA instructors. Gene, thanks for the lesson and I can honestly say that I am glad I met you and I wish you nothing but the best brother. I will let you know how much my game improves. Take care of yourself and keep up the good work! Thanks Justin"

Joe Chyzy - Avondale, Arizona
As I was in Joe's beautiful home, he showed me 30 pool videos that he has. Here's what he said about them:  "I have all these videos and they all say the same things. Not one of them says anything about aiming. Or getting the eyes in the right position. What a difference it made with Perfect Aim. Being able to aim correctly and actually see the shot. Now I really see it. What a difference a little simple knowledge makes."

Dan Young - Phoenix, Arizona
"I was really surprised at what I learned and the simplicity of Geneís technique. It was so easy to understand. This is it. I had many lessons from other instructors that were "this certified" or "that certified", and was totally confused and overwhelmed by all of them... the information made no sense. I would recommend Perfect Aim more than anything that I have ever done in pool. I got an awful lot of bang for my buck, Iím tellin' you.  WOW!"

Stan Corbin - Phoenix, AZ
"The most important thing I learned was getting the eyes in the right position. This is really the way it is, just like Gene says. I was giving up on the shot before but now I can move my head in the right position and I can see it perfect. Seeing is believing."

Dave Derstine - Phoenix, AZ
"Just flat out being able to aim right. I can see what Iím shooting at. I can literally see my game going up 20 to 30% immediately. Most important thing I learned was how to aim. He really knows his stuff."

Tim Caesey - Phoenix, AZ
"Biggest thing I learned was itís all about having the head in the right position and correctly over the stick. This really did it."

George Teyechea - Tucson, AZ
"Being aware of where to place the eyes. Donít take for granted that your eyes are lined up just because the body is. Your body will follow the eyes if they are in the right position. This certainly did just that."

Dennis Logan - Phoenix, AZ
"The way I was lining up on the shots was all wrong. I shot pretty good in spite of how I was trying to aim. Before I was mostly guessing. I can see that now. After working with Gene for an hour I can now line up the shots perfect. Canít believe how simple it is to do."

Bill Moore - Phoenix, Arizona
"I canít believe how simple this is.  Why didnít anyone ever figure this out before?  I can aim and feel confident that the ball is going in the hole, and it does."

Dave Plowers - Phoenix, Arizona
"Blatantly simple. The concept. And it works so well. Unreal."

Dave Plower's granddaughter Jessica, 10 years old
"Makes it so much easier!"

Mike Michaels - Phoenix, Arizona
"I wasnít seeing the shots right at all. I can see where this is going to help me. Iím already making the shot much easier and Iíve just learned this."

Update:  I just got off the phone with Mike, and he's ecstatic. He just told me heís beating all his friends and knows his rating will go up probably 2 notches. He said he canít wait to get to league tomorrow. Go Get Ďem Mike!

Doug Nowlin - Glendale AZ
Doug runs the APA leagues in Phoenix. Doug told me that I was screwing up his league. He needs the 3ís and 4ís in his league format so that the team average wonít be too high. His 3ís and 4ís are turning into 5ís and 6ís almost immediately.  Doug got hold of me for a PERFECT AIM lesson, and now he says he knows why his league players are improving.

Tim Brock - Tucson, Arizona
"Unbelievable, It makes it so much easier and brings it all into focus."

Aaron Morgan - Maricopa, Arizona
"I just couldnít seem to get better. I kept missing shots. Iíd shoot 4 or 5 good shots and then miss real bad. Now I know why, and it has gotten better already immediately."

John Silchia - Glendale, Arizona
"I can see now how it is to have the eyes in the right position. When I see the shot right it goes where I want it."

Scott (Scooter) Waterhouse - Waddell, Arizona
"It really helps me with the rail shots. Getting the eyes in the right place was huge."

Kristie Ortegg - Waddell, Arizona
"Helped me greatly and immediately with my rail shots."

Robert Brown - Phoenix, Arizona
"The most important thing was to get my head in the right spot so my eyes were right. How did you figure this out? Unreal!"

Darrin Brown - Phoenix, Arizona
"Itís great. I can see clearly now. (I think thatís a song.)"

James (JJ) Johnson - Mesa, Arizona
"I was an athlete for many years. Baseball and softball. I could never figure out why I couldnít get any better because I am very eye/hand coordinated. Gene showed me that that was exactly the problem. The eyes were not coordinated with the hands. Now I see the shot clearly. I already have immediate results. I know it will get even better. Iím excited about what I have learned."

Dennis Orenver - Phoenix, Arizona
Dennis runs the DESERT CLASSIC TOUR in Phoenix, Arizona.  Every month there is a huge tournament at a different location. Dennis is also one of the top players on the tour.  I talked to him after the tournament was over, and he decided to take a look at what Perfect Aim was all about. I went to his house for the lesson, and he was totally amazed at what he learned. He told me that he had trouble with the long thin cuts. I set one up and watched as Dennis missed the shot 3 or 4 times. I then showed him what to do, and watched him drain the ball 6 or 7 times in a row. It was an awful tough cut shot but Dennis is a real good player. He just needed the eyes in the right spot to see this extremely tough cut shot. Dennis was amazed. He said just that one shot was so huge to learn. Exact words were, "Iím seeing the long thin cut shots so much better." Thanks Dennis for creating such a great event for all us pool players! Geno

Ron Sidwell - Mesa, Arizona
"This really showed me how to aim. Before it was just guess work. Didnít know what I was aiming at or with. I do now."

Denny Holmes - Tempe, Arizona
"Perfect Aim makes so much sense. I donít want anyone else to know, especially if I have to play them!"

Thor Skogan - Main Street Billiards, Mesa, Arizona
"This really works. Iím seeing the shots real clear. Plus itís so easy. I know my game is going up."

Frank Robutz - Phoenix, Arizona
"This contradicts all the other things but makes more sense than anything I have ever seen or read."

Lee Collins - Phoenix, Arizona
"Taught me to aim with the edge of the ball instead of the center or so call contact point. I am more precise."

Angela Lyles - Phoenix, Arizona
"Now I have the eyes in the right position. My game is going to improve a lot. I can just tell (big smile...)"

Ramona Mostajabi
"Wasn't looking at the ball right. This did it."

Angela Lyles
"Having eyes in the right position."

Jim Bock, Tucson
"Makes aiming easier and brings it all into focus."

Tim Casey
"Lining my head up correctly over the stick. Biggest thing."

Dave Derstine
"Aiming. I can see my game going up 20 to 30 percent immediately. Biggest thing I learned was aiming. Guess what? That's what I'm all about and so is pool. Aiming."

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Frank Howe  LA, California
"Okay so I debated about whether to tell this or not... but I decided to. I put a lot of stock into lining up correctly and do that before I get down. I also then simply tried to "not screw it up" and stroke straight. I really never had any type of aiming system and IMO never aimed. Rather I lined up correctly. I would be what I call a feel shooter as well. I have trouble changing balls and tables. I need data so that I can align better due to not really aiming. I had a little difficulty with Genes technique but not due to Gene or the system. Its seems that people must have shots that never look right to them. Well that isn't my case at all. What we figured out was that due to my being up above the cue when shooting that I wasn't seeing the shots like most of the players that get lower. Once I got lower I could see what the system was teaching. Genes teaching will really help me I think with the aiming. I need to incorporate that into my game. I just have never figured out what people are looking at. We dont see well enough to really pinpoint in on a curved ball downtable so for me it was more about overlap and angles with me. Basically knowing the contact points (both OB and CB) and lining up correctly. Feel had to come into play due to english and its effects. Genes information really doesn't change your personal outlook on aiming. You still do your thing but his knowledge helps you with your shotmaking especially if there are shot that you don't "SEE well or that doesn't LOOK right". I will say that I cut balls WAY better to the right than to the left. If its 50/50 I choose the right cut 100% of the time. Gene helped with that and I was then cutting balls to the left much better. Long thin cuts were going in much easier. I probably shot 10+ and missed one. On that one I knew I was going to miss because it did look wrong. We decided to go ahead and shoot it to see the difference. Its really simple and can be learned from the video. Like anything it needs to be practiced and tweaked over time while incorporating it into your game. Everyones miles may vary as well. Another positive thing was that Gene reinforced some of my beliefs and practices already. I also had been having trouble with my backhand coming up the stick. I have not been anywhere near 90 degrees back there. Gene showed me a couple things that will help get the 90 degree relationship back and showed me why it was "having to creep up the stick".

Frank Howe - Los Angeles, California
"I drove 6 hours for this lesson because of the good things I had heard. We struggled at the beginning trying to figure out how I was aiming. Once Gene got me there the rest just fell into place. I started cutting in the long shots that normally I wouldnít shoot. It is all of a I can see what Iím aiming. Would I recommend this to anyone else. You Bet. Was the six hour drive worth it. Absolutely."

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Rick Huddleston - Denver, Colorado
"Whatís going to help me the most is the thin cuts. That will get me the cash.! Now when I look at the shot I can really see it. I know Iím going to make it.  I never thought about moving the eyes to see the shot perfect. I think every player needs to see this but they probably wonít. To bad for them."

Dave Gross
"With Perfect Aim see things differently. Allows you to set your eyes in the correct position on shots you cut to the right or the left."

Frank Burgess
"I'm excited for the game of pool. People can achieve a higer level of play in a shorter period of time. This is great for the game of pool."

Dan Morrosis
"Moving the eyes to the correct position. Perfect shot and technique that show how much of the ball you're hitting. Recommend this for anyone."

Ralph Walton, Denver
"Most important is the sight of the eyes. Knowing how much of the ball you hit. I would recommend this for the better players for sure."

Rod Ashby, Denver
"Learning to focus on the amount of the ball I'm shooting. Moving the head to align the shot correctly. Ron was one of those players that it was tough to figure out which eye was dominant. Once that was figured out for sure it made all the difference in the world. And if you ever get to Denver you need to look up Ron Ashby. He does the best barbeque I've ever tasted. You will definitely go back for seconds."

Francisco Ibarra, Arvada, CO
"I really liked how I could cut the balls real thin."

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Bob Christensen, Fort Myers, FL
"I thought I was right eye dominant. Had bought Perfect Aim video and things just didn't seem to click with everything. All tests that I did said I was right eye domintant. Amazed to find out left. Now Perfect Aim makes sense and feels right. Anybody can benefit from this for sure. But you must know which eye is your pool shooting dominant eye."

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Bob Pizarro - Atlanta, Georgia
"I've been playing competitive pool for three years.  This weekend I finished 2nd in the Amateur National Qualifier in Atlanta.  Even though 2nd place does not qualify, I am very happy with my results.  I know people that have played for 20 years and could not reach that level of play. This was my first attempt. Your aiming or alignment method worked well with my other training from Stan Shuffett. Thank you for passing this information on.

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Rodney (THE ROCKET) Morris, Hawaii (
"Something that your eyes and body want to do naturally. If you're missing the ball you're not seeing it right. Iíve been asking my friends on the Pro circuit how I can improve my aim because I just didnít feel right on some shots. They just told me to get down and do the best you can. Thatís all you can do. They didnít even know. Gene showed me the light in 15 minutes. Immediately I was firing the balls in perfectly. If I would have known this when I played Efron Reyes in the Million Dollar IPT tournament, I would have won.  I saw the Perfect Aim light on July 7, 2009, at Bullshooters, in Phoenix, Arizona." 

Also,  Rodney said he will endorse the Perfect Aim system because it works. Soon the video will be available on Rodney's own website. If any of you have ever met Rodney,  you know that he is not only a Champion but a Champion person as well. Heís just really good for the game of pool.

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Bob - Chicago, IL
"I bought the video from you and it is the best money I've ever spent in pool instruction. I am a believer!!! I am now firing balls in with great confidence. Thanks"

Joe Durham
"For me it was the cut shots and how I was aimed up.Can't believe how much of a difference this made and it was immediate. You can see the results right away. Recommend to anyone."

Lance Mayer
"Most important thing was learning the dominant eye, learning how to use it. This will help anyone that tries to play the game."

Ike Reynold, Jr.
"If you have problems aiming you need to try this system. It works."

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Zach Young - Indianapolis, IN
"I wanted to give you and update on how I am progressing. So in recap: you definetly gave me a strategy of aiming that is already prooving very beneficial. I am practicing just the drills we did nearly and hour and a half a day plus other drills. I realized I wasnt actually focused on the cue ball, but both the CB and OB using periferal vision, which I know still is not good. But I have moved on and have my eyes dialed in on the OB now. I initially lost a little bit of CB control but am gaining it back and definetly improving. I'm slowly woking my way through the DVD and picking up something every time. I actually played in a mini tourney in northern Indiana (APA members). I am a 5, and was the only 5 in the tourney. Everyone else was strong 6's and a couple 7's. I placed 5th out of 20 some. I thought this was great considering the guy that knocked me out I took to the hill and he ended up winning the tourney!"

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Mike Miller, Keokuk
"Bought the video and thought I was right eye dominant. Gene showed me I was left eyed. Now the Perfect Aim worked the way he said it should. Much better. Was it worth the money? Heck ya."

From Gene: As we were talking, I told Mike to have his son Jamie come out and I'd show him how to aim. He never plays. I showed him how and he started seeing the shots correctly, and said they even looked like they would go. Might even start playing more. Another happy Perfect Aim customer.

Josh Sorrell, Ankeny IA
"Most important to get the eyes in the right position. I think it will make a big difference on shots I shoot to the left. I'd think it would benefit just about anyone."

Adam Peterson, Ankeny, IA
"Most important was learning to get my eyes in the correct position. Wish I would have seen this when I first started. I recommend this for eveyrone. It's a quick way to improve your game. It's easy and simple."

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David Swanson - Minneapolis, Minnesota
I didn't realize I had so much trouble cutting to the left until I shot a bunch of shots each way.  Perfect Aim made it real clear.  Now I know, and can do something about it like correct the shot.  I recommend this to anyone I meet, especially my brother.

Bill Frisby - Floodwood, Minnesota
I play in a wheelchair from a seated position.  Perfect Aim really showed me how to aim.  My shot making ability has increased 20% or more.  I think more.  I've played for 35 years and I still can't believe what I learned.  It's so simple.  In one week I'm having dramatic results.  It works just as well sitting down.  That's for sure.

Ron Davis - Cottage Grove, Minnesota
The most important thing I learned, was which eye was doing what, and having it in the right position.  Who'd I recommend the Perfect Aim lesson to?  All my pool buddies in Iowa.

Scott Kunz - Rochester, Minnesota
I am very happy with it I am a AA player in D&R Star system here and I have played in 4 open tourneys without handicapping and have place in 2 of them with a 3rd and a 4th.... Thanks again Scott Kunz

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Howard Lee, Guntown, Mississippi
"It was well worth the 2 1/2 hour drive there for the personal lesson. The personal lesson really cleaned things up for me. Now I have a much better perspective. Now I neeed to let it become second nature. The new technique that Gene added to Perfect Aim I think was the most important thing.It really does make a big difference."

Oscar Wells, Wildwood, MO
"I bought the original CD. I didn't understand it. I think I need hands on training and it worked. I've had 4 lessons from top instructors in the US and nowmake Gene as No 5. Perfect Aim put me in perfect alignment., something that nobody else showed me. The perfect spot. I recommend this lesson to everyone.There is only one Perfect spot to have the eyes on every shot. Still can't believe nobody else knows or teached this?

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Frank, Las Vegas
"I called Gene because I was a little skeptical. I had to drive 4 Ĺ hours for the lesson. He told me what I was going to learn was worth the trip. He convinced me. I was totally surprised at what I learned. It was wonderful. Iím sure my game will improve a ball or 2. The 4 Ĺ hour trip was well worth it. Absolutely recommend this Perfect Aim lesson and video to everyone."

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South Dakota
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Jerald Traversie, Aberdeen, SD
"Getting the dominant eye in the right position. I was shooting shots with both eyes and missing with both. Awesome lesson. The new aiming technique made it effortless to see the shot right. Who would I recommend lesson to: Dennis Havvo, my friend. This will work for anyone."

Dan Olson, Brookings, SD 17 years old
Mother bought the video for Dan. Good Move. My first thought was this guy is a little crazy. Shot some using the Perfect Aim technique and soon was making everything. Dan is BCA Open Players Champion 2010 What do you think of Perfect Aim. I love it, Anyone that's trying to get better needs to learn this for sure."

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South Dakota
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Nic Vita, 2008 World One Pocket Champion
"I met Gene in Memphis. We started talking about his Perfect Aim. I understood the concept. After talking for 15 minutes we went to the table only to find out I was left eye dominant instead of right. What a difference. This is something that every player should know. If you've got $200, ship it to Gene and you will play better."

Adam Rogers
"I'd seen the original video. Now I understand and feel comfortable. Gene really cleared things up for me with the personal lesson. Now I can incorporate it into my game and like it. Who do you recommend Perfect Aim to? Nobody else. Then I'd have to try and beat them."

Keppen Fitzhugh, Cordova
"I would recommend this lesson to anyone from the novice to the pro level. Was Perfect Aim what you thought it would be? It was quite a bit more than what I envisioned. In fact I was pleasantly surprised without a doubt. How to establish my dominant eye that allows me to see the shot currently and have no doubt about the aim to shoot the shots correctly.

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Gary Beardon - Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin
The most important thing I learned, was being right eye dominant, and how it works when I move my head to correct my vision on the spot.  Then learning how to position the non-dominant eye to cut shots that way.  I never could have imagined eacy way was so much different.  I recommend this for anyone who wants to improve their game quickly.

Jeff and Shelly Case - Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Now I have a definite spot to aim for, and can make the aim exact.  I also know how to correct my aim when it's not right.  We both unanimously recommend Perfect Aim to everyone.

Mark Brandson - Superior, Wisconsin
It's fun to learn how the eyes really work in coordination to make a ball.  I was very surprised at what I learned.  The first person I would recommend Perfect Aim to is my wife.  After that, all my pool buddies need to know this for sure.

Scott Kugel - Mequon, Wisconsin
This is going to be huge.  I can see it already, like right now.  Now I know how to get my eye in the right position.  Was the money well spent?  Absolutely!  I have a dozen friends that I would recommend Perfect Aim to immediately.

Mike Proffit - Waukesha, Wisconsin
Getting those eyes lined up was great.  Thin cuts especially.  I recommend the Perfect Aim lesson to anyone that is just guessing where to aim.  There will be no more guessing.  It's so sweet to know.

Paul Datta - Appleton, Wisconsin   (2009 ACS SR 9-ball champ)
"Gene got my head in the proper position on every shot. This is why some shots didnít look right. And it was so simple."

Justin VolkEau Claire, Wisconsin
"This was the most important thing I have ever learned since I started playing pool. Instant AA to master player."

Rob Estlund, Glendale, Wisconsin
"Were you surprised at what you learned? Yes. Learning how my eyes naturally sighted on the object ball, which eye was dominant. Can you see how important knowing which eye is dominant? Absolutely, I would recommend the lesson to everyone."

Corey Bloemers, Caledonia
, Wisconsin
"Now i can get the head and eyes in the right position so I'm seeing the shot correctly. Thought I was right eye dominant. Now I know I'm left. Now I know why I was hitting the ball too fat cutting to the right. I would recommend this for my brother, Tim. In fact, I think everyone should know this. Definitely worth the money."

Paul Datta, Appleton
, Wisconsin
"Sr 9 ball champ 2009. Getting your head in the proper position on every shot makes a world of difference on how you see the shot."

Dave Peterson, Hudson
, Wisconsin
"The most important getting the eyes in the right position. I know now that it wasn't my stroke that was the problem. If I only knew this 30 yars ago. I would recommend this to everyone and anybody."

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"Geno, you are right, at this point I am only putting the dominant eye over the cue.. I have been experimenting with moving it around for different shots because that does not seem to work as well in all situation. Definitely does for straight and nearly straight in. It seems cuts over 30 degrees or so I have to make an adjustment and that changes too depending on which direction I am cutting the ball. I already consider what I have learned to be worth it's weight in gold.  Peace, Joe"

MOJOE (again)
Just wanted to share an experience that I had shooting pool last night. I am shooting straighter than I have in 20 years. My confidence is through the roof and any reasonable shot, I don't think twice about pulling the trigger and running out. We had a match last night and I literally only missed one ball all night. I felt so good and confident and hope that this continues. I cannot believe how much my head position over the cue has revolutionized my game. One guy on the other team that I have played against for a good while said "Nice to see you back to earth" after I missed the shot. I punished everyone and it felt so nice to be in control. The funny part is, the shot I missed was a tough one but I know why I missed it. I was too focused on position and did not even see the CB hit the OB. Totally took my eyes off the shot. Once I get this perfect aim down, I am afraid to see where my game will go. I'm 40 years old and for the first time can actually see a good chance of becoming the player I have only dreamed of in the past. I think it will become a reality if I stay focused and disciplined through the reaching of my goals.  You da man Geno, thanks for your help.  Peace, Joe

Steelman Chris
I have my Provincials coming up and this has already helped me tons. I have already been moved up from the B division to the A division and still am quite confident in my game as your DVD has provided some great advice on some of my weaker shots. I just have to work on safety play to be up to the top of the A caliber also.

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