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Personal Lessons

After just 30 minutes, I can guarantee this system will change the way you play pool forever.   The lesson is free if this is not the best thing you have seen since you began playing pool -- and that goes for all the pros out there, too.  I challenge anyone to receive this lesson and not be amazed at how simple it is to immediately improve your game. From the person that has trouble making 3 balls in a row, to the professional that hardly misses at all, this knowledge is a must.

Of course you can always buy the video, but there's nothing better seeing things in person.  Plus, the lesson includes a few extra secrets that aren't on the video.   To book a personal lesson, call 715-563-8712, and ask for Gene Albrecht, the Aim Doctor.  Also ask about the video discount with the personal lesson.  I can only give a certain number of private lessons, so call soon!