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About the creator of Perfect Aim

My name is Gene Albrecht, and I'm the creator of the Perfect Aim system.  Perfect Aim is a collection of aiming techniques that made me one of the most dominant bar table players in the upper midwest in the 1990's.  Unfortunately, my health began to fail in the late 90's, and I was forced to curtail my playing.  It wasn't until January, 2009 that I  discovered I had diabetes, and since then, I've gone through the process of learning to live with the disease, and have gradually been able to begin playing pool again.

In the spring of 2009, I put together a collection of my aiming techniques in Perfect Aim DVD.  I traveled to Las Vegas to promote it in June, and entered the ACS nationals masters 8-ball tournament at the Riviera.  My goal was to give lessons and show off my DVD to the players.  At 57 years of age, and still struggling a little with my health, I didn't expect to be able to compete with the younger players -- but, believe it or not, I WON THE TOURNAMENT! (Read about it here - picture).  All the techniques that once made me a dominant player still work!

The good news for anyone reading this, is that these techniques are not difficult to master, and anyone can learn how to aim any pool shot perfectly. This goes for all skill levels, from beginner to pro.  And there's more good news -- the DVD that reveals these techniques is available for purchase on this website.  Continue browsing this website to learn how you can learn to aim perfect!