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Frequently Asked Questions about Perfect Aim

Below are answers to some of the questions we've received:

Question:  After I order, how long will it take to receive the DVD?
  Answer:  You can expect to receive your DVD within 3-5 business days within the United States.  Delivery time to foreign countries may vary, and we cannot guarantee quick delivery.  Delivery to Canada has sometimes taken up to 13-15 days.
Question:  I don't want to order online.  Can I send a check?
  Answer:  Yes.  You can send a check or money order to:

   Gene Albrecht
   6802 Craig Ct E
   Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076

Question:  From what I hear, haven't all the top pros out there have been using this system for years?  How else would they have won?
  Answer:  Yes the pros get their eyes close to the perfect position, but only because of repetition and extensive hours of practice.  That's why there's such a wide spectrum of ratings everywhere. Whoever gets their eyes in the best position shoots better than the ones that don't.  It's so simple it's unbelievable that nobody, and I mean nobody, has ever figured it out. That's why there are no real good aiming videos.
Question:  How long is the DVD?
  Answer:  About 60 minutes long.